Our SS15 campaign shoot came to a whirlwind end recently and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

What was the location of this shoot and why?

Our location was the historic Coe House estate, which is the crowning jewel of Long Island, NY. This location allowed us to pay homage to New York, while also capturing the tranquility and peace of being away from the city! The present-day property on the famous Long Island strip has been close to our hearts due to its rich history and amazing grounds. The wrought-iron gates, built in Sussex, England in 1712 were imported in 1921 and have been used as a setting for numerous motion pictures. We loved our location so much that once we wrapped production, we relaxed with a team picnic on grounds!5D3_1487

What was the mood board for hair and makeup with this shoot?

The collection is dressy ready to wear, so we didn’t want to create a look that was very heavy or mature. We kept our looks very girl next door, focusing on a flawless base, minimal eyes, and a spring friendly lip. The hair, that was a different story. The bigger the hair, the closer to heaven they say! We brought back some high volume vintage do-s to add a little fun to the mix!

5D3_1737Was there any particular song that played throughout the shoot?

Music gets everyone in the mood and also makes the models feel more at ease! So yes, we were playing “Happy” by Pharell and some classic Lana Del Ray throughout the day. It really helped set the tone and made the set feel more like a big party and less like work!

Who styled the shoot?

The founder of HOXNYC, Zaineb styled, directed, and modeled. Talk about a “hands on” approach!



1440389218164What is the concept and philosophy of this collection?

This is a spring/summer collection, meaning you can expect softer hues, and delicate handiwork. When selecting color swatches for SS15, we wanted to incorporate colors that were timeless, season in and season out. We wanted the fabrics to be breezy, and the tone to be sensual. Adorned with pearls, florals, and peek a boo shoulders, each of the looks has a personality of its own, while still complementing the collection as a whole.

What was the concept of the shoot?

The idea was to keep the visuals fun and flirty. We didn’t want to overburden the shoot with too many accessories. The garden setting was an absolute perfect way to capture this feel.



Creative director Zaineb Bajwa @zeexbee

Photographer Mohaimen Kazi @mokaziphotography

Photographer Iqra Shahbaz @milesfrom

Videographer Asfar Khan @darknyte

Hair and makeup Mahwish Ali @mahwish_ali

Brand consultant Omer Malik @remoknows