Corporate Finance Manager
Washington D.C.

As a mother to a 3 year old, and full time working professional, I’ve learned that the trick is to look your best with as little fuss as possible! Children or no children, my personal style has always been ever evolving, a la mode, but speaks true to me. In my opinion good style is about functionality, and feeling beautiful in whatever you wear. To me, a HOXDOLL is a woman that tackles each day with confidence, plays on her strengths and isn’t afraid to experiment.

Digital Communications and Media student, NYU
New Jersey

I was blessed to have found my soul mate early on in life and got married at a fairly young age. Marriage did not stop me from pursuing my academic goals. Being a full time student and a full time wife, I have to be cautious on how I balance my time! To me, a HOXDOLL is a lady that encourages other women to always make their own goals a priority! She knows how important it is to maintain a healthy balance in her life.

Fashion Marketing student, Fashion Institute of Technology
New York, NY

I was born in Trinidad and moved to New York at a very young age. Being raised in New York, a city that could arguably be the fashion capital of the world, was a rebirth of some sort. I quickly realized that my fascination for art and fashion was more than just a curiosity, it was my calling. I am currently in school at FIT to become a fashion editor. I strongly believe that you should pursue a career in which you are happy! To me, a HOXDOLL is a lady that isn’t afraid to break stereotypes. She always follows her heart and marches to the beat of her own drum!

Paralegal and full time student
Staten Island, NY

I was born in a small village in Mexico and came to America at the age of 4. I’m a student at COSI pursuing my dreams of becoming a CRNA, and am proud to be working two jobs to support myself and my tuition. I’m a young lady reverting to Islam, every time I got the chance of reading the Quran it brought peace to me (SubhanAllah). As I studied the religion more and more, I fell in love with its teachings. Going through much backlash because of this, but never letting it bring me down. To me, a HOXDOLL is a woman who stands up for herself and doesn’t let negativity get to her. Remember, there is always a silver lining.